A Million March in Kashmir?: Suvaid Yaseen « Kafila

More on Egypt and India…though in this case the significant difference is the radicalization of a specific oppressed group as opposed to the nation as a whole.

Make sure you check out the photos and videos–like the one below





“A ‘March of Million’ in Egypt’s Tahrir Square picked up the momentum of the people’s movement in Egypt, and finally led to the ouster of the dictator who had ruled Egypt with an iron fist for thirty years. Hosni Mubarak, the US backed Egyptian President, fled the country on 11th of February.

In Kashmir, 11th of February is an important day. It was on this day in 1984, that Maqbool Bhat, the founding member of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), a militant group that started the armed struggle for Independence of Kashmir, was hanged at Delhi’s Tihar Jail. He is remembered every year on his death anniversary, which has been a day of strike and protest since then. His remains still lie in the premises of Tihar jail in Delhi, and Kashmiris every year ask for their return. An empty grave in Srinagar’s Martyrs’ graveyard waits with Maqbool’s name on the plaque. For Kashmiris, the date of the flight of the modern Pharoah of Egypt, with Maqbool’s date of martyrdom brought a melancholic delight to this date.

The slogan ‘Khoon ka badla June mein!’ (We shall take revenge in June!) has been doing rounds in Kashmir. The badla (revenge) being in response to the killing of more than 111 civilians in the protests against Indian rule in Kashmir last summer. The government fears another uprising. And they are trying to take precautions. The Times of India in a recent report quoted a ‘top government source’ as saying, “Militancy we can handle. After 9/11 (we’ve seen) it backfires on its promoters. People here are sick of violence. But our greatest fear is 50,000 people landing up at Lal Chowk for a dharna. How do you handle that?”

via A Million March in Kashmir?: Suvaid Yaseen « Kafila.

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