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The Jamhuriyat Road to Taksim Square: Shilpi Suneja

The Jamhuriyat Road to Taksim Square: Shilpi Suneja.

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To Boston From Kabul With Love

Thanks to Keegan O’Brien for this powerful photo — which is part of a series: Blood has no national identification. Our capacity for empathy and solidarity is massive, and always must expand beyond the nationality of the victims.

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Teachers Rule

This morning when I opened my inbox I got an excellent reminder of who teachers really are and what they/we do. The first line of the email to parents, written at 2am, says it all: ‘I want to let you … Continue reading

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Race and Orientalism

In Half of a Yellow Sun by Adichie, a character writes that the post-1884 British colonizers of what became Nigeria preferred the North over the South because of the weather — but also because: “‘the Hausa-Fulani were narrow featured and … Continue reading

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Sure Signs of ADD

At one point this morning, I had two FB pages open and a Gmail window to sync my calender to my mobile. I was responding to a note when two chats appeared on my screen at the same time. My … Continue reading

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JP’s Radicalization in the 1920s

I’m giving a paper at the 2012 South Asia Conference in Madison.  That’s right, a literature guy amongst the social scientists.  I’ll try to keep up… The panel is “Reading the Revolutionaries,” on Indian revolutionaries of the 1920s and 1930s. … Continue reading

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Solidarity with CTU!

Solidarity with CTU! Continue reading

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