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Dump Trump! From May 2004 to Today

In May 2004 I was an assistant professor at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York.  In its deep wisdom, the administration invited Donald Trump to be the commencement speaker that summer, and awarded him an honorary degree… In a … Continue reading

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The Jamhuriyat Road to Taksim Square: Shilpi Suneja

The Jamhuriyat Road to Taksim Square: Shilpi Suneja.

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To Boston From Kabul With Love

Thanks to Keegan O’Brien for this powerful photo — which is part of a series: Blood has no national identification. Our capacity for empathy and solidarity is massive, and always must expand beyond the nationality of the victims.

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Teachers Rule

This morning when I opened my inbox I got an excellent reminder of who teachers really are and what they/we do. The first line of the email to parents, written at 2am, says it all: ‘I want to let you … Continue reading

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Race and Orientalism

In Half of a Yellow Sun by Adichie, a character writes that the post-1884 British colonizers of what became Nigeria preferred the North over the South because of the weather — but also because: “‘the Hausa-Fulani were narrow featured and … Continue reading

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Sure Signs of ADD

At one point this morning, I had two FB pages open and a Gmail window to sync my calender to my mobile. I was responding to a note when two chats appeared on my screen at the same time. My … Continue reading

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JP’s Radicalization in the 1920s

I’m giving a paper at the 2012 South Asia Conference in Madison.  That’s right, a literature guy amongst the social scientists.  I’ll try to keep up… The panel is “Reading the Revolutionaries,” on Indian revolutionaries of the 1920s and 1930s. … Continue reading

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